Postgraduate Programme


Master of Science (M.Sc.) in:

“Renewable Energy Systems”


Typical duration:

Three semesters, commencing in October.

Dear visitors

Welcome to the Graduate Studies Program on “Renewable Energy Systems”, offered by the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the International Hellenic University, at Serres, Greece.

Renewable energy (RE) refers to the form of energy, which is derived from natural processes, that are replenished also naturally. Currently, 39% of the total electricity generation worldwide is provided by RE sources and RE power generators are spread across many countries all over the world, offering a unique opportunity for professional award.

During the past few years, climate change concern in connection to high oil prices and a persistent threat of a worldwide energy crisis have led to a constantly increasing support for power generation from RE sources. As a consequence, today, in most of the developed (and developing) countries new government policies arise (regarding both spending and legislation), helping RE industry and commercialization to grow in spite of the global economic crisis.

Nowadays, almost 2.3 million people worldwide work either directly in RE industry (the large-scale hydroelectric power plants not being considered) or indirectly in supplier indus­tries. In particular, the wind power industry employs some 300,000 people, the solar photovoltaics sector accounts for an estimated 170,000 jobs and the solar thermal industry at least 624,000. More than one million jobs are found in the biomass and biofuels sector. Small-scale hydropower and geothermal energy are smaller but also active employers (source: World-Watch Institute, February 2021).

The growth in the RE sector drives the demand for qualified engineers. It is now estimated that RE jobs will double every ten years, thus yielding to almost 5 million RE executives & employees by the year 2030 (source: World-Watch Institute, February 2021).

In an effort to respond to the increasing demand of domestic (and foreign) industry for specialized RE expertise, the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the International Hellenic University, at Serres, Greece, offers a new Graduate Studies Program, aiming to:

  • train professionals to be resourceful problem solvers, and
  • prepare engineers for a truly global sector,
  • promote specialized competencies in the RE sector.

Our Department provides extensive opportunities for graduate students, to engage in advanced studies and collaborate with our faculty & colleagues, thus profoundly growing as RE executives and experts.

The Graduate Studies Program in “Renewable Energy Systems” is completed as a full-time Program in three semesters:

  1. In the first semester the students acquire solid foundations in advanced elements of Mechanical Engineering.
  2. In the second semester focus is set on the development of particular RE technologies.
  3. In the third semester the students work out their Master’s Thesis.

The M.Sc. Thesis is considered to be the keystone of a student’s graduate experience; hence, it must be an original work in the design, development, and optimization of RE systems, performed under the supervision of a faculty member.

Students can also attend the Graduate Program as a part-time Study Program. In this case lecturing is delivered during the first four semesters, spanning from October to June of each academic year, while the last (fifth) semester is intended for the execution of the Master’s Thesis.

The M.Sc. Degree is received after successful accumulation of ninety (90) European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) units (1 unit = 26 hours study, according to ECTS).

Today, even with our best efforts to promote energy efficiency, the global demand for energy continues to increase. In this context, further study on RE systems & processes is needed. We believe that, upon deliverance of the M.Sc. Studies Program in “Renewable Energy Systems”, we can set a path towards the future for RE expertise, and, building on our spirit, we can deliver the executives that will drive the next wave of economic growth.


Department of Mechanical Engineering,
International Hellenic University,
62124 Serres, Greece.

tel.: +30-23210-49124, -125
fax: +30-23210-49285

The Director of the M.Sc. Studies Program,

Professor Anastasios MOISSIADIS